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Flexible Floor Plans


Hatters Huts are based on modules 9.600mm wide and up to 4.800mm long with the basic Hut consisting of at least 2 bays giving a usable floorspace of  161m2.

This image shows 2 bays with a slab at the rear for a bathroom and laundry.

Extra Modules

This image shows 3 bays with the third bay able to be fully or partially infilled, or left open as a patio, carport, with or without a deck above.

A 4.800mm x 9.600mm module will add up to 80m2 of extra floor space at a very reasonable cost.

3 Bay + Bathroom/Laundry/Entry 

These drawings show a planned 3 or 4 bedroom home with 220m2 of floor space. Oriented true north, it will attain an outstanding 7.4 star rating using NatHERS 2016.

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