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The arch of a Hatters Hut also creates a much more usable space than a  "Nissen" type hut

  Modular construction allows  very flexible floor plans, all at a super affordable cost with no sacrifice to comfort.

Hatters Huts can be supplied as a kit for easy owner-builder assembly, or built to lock-up stage with full Home Warranty Insurance

A staunch believer in the "K.I.S.S" principle of keeping it stunningly simple, the construction of Hatters Huts has drawn on the simplicity of the famous Nissen Huts, developed in the late 19th century, coupled with 21st century technology and materials to create an easily assembled, incredibly strong and super insulated home able to acheive 

Daring to think "well outside the square", Hatters Huts are a culmination of  years of dreaming and designing. Mark (the Hatter) O'Carrigan, lifetime resident of the Blue Mountains, built his first home in  1982 with a belief and passion for homes suited to the local environment.

After earning a living as a leather craftsman for 25 years (specialising in hand crafted hats) and winning design awards for those creations, he has developed a unique ecological tourism business centred on a massive sandstone cave at Hatters Hideout.

The natural arch of the Cave is the inspiration for the graceful curves of Hatters Huts.

Mark is convinced it is also the  inspiration behind one of  architecture's greatest developments, the gothic arch, a vastly superior arch than the ancient roman arch, allowing greater and stronger spans, enabling the construction of  many famous cathedrals.

Mark's philosophy towards his unique buildings stems from his years of designing and making hats... " A good home is like a good must be comfortable and stylish, sit lightly, protect you in all weather, suit you and be affordable"


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